Feeling Like a Real Designer

So I have officially released two patterns through Ravelry (New England Woods and Streets of New York). I have to say that I was very nervous about taking that first step and releasing my patterns to the world. Part of me was convinced that my patterns would go unnoticed and that all my effort would be for nothing. Part of me is still convinced that there is no way I can really make this ‘designer’ thing work. I mean, what exactly makes one a knitwear designer? Is there a certain level of success or popularity that one must achieve before one can officially claim that title?

For me, personally, I have decided that the simple act of designing patterns and making them available for public consumption is all that is required to be able to call oneself a knitwear designer. Even if nobody ever purchases one of my pay-for patterns, and even if I never see any proof that anyone has actually knit any of my free patterns, the fact that I designed them, and had the courage to put them out there, is enough for me. (Although I cannot deny that I am eagerly awaiting the appearance of that first Ravelry project page for one of my patterns).

In the meantime, my design mojo is in full swing and I am very enthusiastically working on my latest design: an oversized, worsted weight, textured shawl. I love this design because it is exactly the kind of thing that I love to knit: big, warm, snuggly, and just a bit rustic.


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