Busy Days (and making time for blog updates)

The past few days have been pretty busy. On Monday I released my free shawl pattern “Ravens Land” and I was blown away by the response it got. I had a feeling that a one skein, lacy summer shawl would be well received, but I was overwhelmed by just how much people seemed to like it. I was especially excited to see it climb to the number two spot on the “hot right now” list on Revelry. (Talk about feeling like a real designer!!):

top 2.jpg

I have been so happy seeing project pages pop up from people who have begun working on it and I just can’t wait to see that first finished project!

Of course, you may remember from my last post that I was also in the middle of writing up the pattern for a worsted weight shawl (which I’ve decided to name Pack Monadnock) when I got distracted with knitting up Ravens Land. I am happy to say that that pattern is now in testing (my first experience with recruiting test knitters, and something I will be doing with all future patterns) and should hopefully be ready for release by the end of next month.

In the meantime I have begun work on a fingering weight lace wrap which I am quite enjoying knitting on, and I have begun drawing up some basic designs for a textured, semi circular, worsted weight shawl.



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